Dairy Tech

Spend less time and money on your calves and develop a healthier adult with greater milk production.

Grow healthy dairy calves with our calf milk pasteurizers and colostrum management systems. Wet calves - birth to weaning - is all we do, and we understand the challenges of getting their first feeding right. The Dairy Tech Inc.® line of products are designed to simplify and streamline this process from calf milk collection to calf milk pasteurization to re-warming calf milk on-time for your just born calves. Discover how our calf milk pasteurizers can help you create a stronger, healthier herd. Calf feeding and calf nutrition are vital for a healthy calf. Our calf milk pasteurizers and colostrum management systems can protect the nutritious content of the calf’s first meal.

Below you will find helpful information about what Dairy Tech has to offer. You can also visit http://dairytechinc.com for more information.