Summer Time = Fans & Sprinklers


We know that summer has officially arrived when we have the fans and sprinklers on in the barns. Here are some tips to get the most out of our fans and sprinklers this summer. Remember a cool cow is a happy cow!


  • Spacing no more than 10 X blade diameter.
  •   Tilt fan 15-20 degrees. Aiming at the bottom of the next fan.
  •   Control fans by thermostat.
  •  Have the fans start running when the temperature reaches 73 degrees. (May need to adjust the temperature a little lower if there are multiple day heat stresses.)
  •  Fans are not effective alone when the temperature rises into the high 80’s and above.


  •  Install half-circle (180 degrees or less) every 6 – 8 feet
  •  Each delivery should be .33 gallons/cow/cycle
  •  Low pressure (20-40 PSI) sprinklers provide large droplets that can penetrate hair coat more effectively.
  •   Sprinkler set points

             Temperature            On Time            Cycle Time

             68-79 Degrees          1 Minute             15 Minutes

             80-88 Degrees          1 Minute             10 Minutes

             89 Degrees +             1 Minute             5 Minutes


There are economic benefits to keep your cows cool this summer. For more information on how to keep your cows cool please check out this website:

We hope that everyone and their cows have a "cool" summer!