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Production Medicine Services

PC Dart Report Cards

A summary report of 15 keys to health and success from you PC Dart data.  Included are production keys (milk starts, acidosis indicators) milk quality (new infection rates) reproduction keys (pregnancy rate and preg/ month goals) See quarterly summary in Information.

Team meetings with your production team

We moderate and/ or present discussion with your team of nutritionist, herdsman, breeder, feeder, banker, etc.  Identify issues, set a plan of action, monitor response, set goals.

Customized vaccination schedules

Proactive plan of what to use and when.     

Bio-Security plans/ pre-purchase consultation

To achieve seamless transition of new additions.  Avoid disease wrecks.

Treatment protocols

We write a custom plan for you and your employees to better diagnose and properly treat specific, routine health issues being mindful of residue avoidance.

Reproductive Services:

Pregnancy testing/ ultrasound

Routine, efficient palpations to achieve reproductive success

AI bull stud testing/ Bull sterility exams

Testing of herd bulls with an electro-ejaculator to access fertility is recommended.

Time AI programming (Ov-synch, etc.)

We can recommend details of the synchronization program to meet your reproductive goals.

Direct thaw embryo transfer

Implant direct thaw embryos from superior genetics.

Quality Milk Services:

In house lab: bulk tank cultures, clinical cultures, drug sensitivity, mycoplasma

Lactocorder analysis

A digital milk meter records milk flow every 0.6 seconds, this provides a graphic report to access parlor techniques of udder prep and milk letdown.

Machine function testing

A complete system analysis including system vacuum, reserve airflow, unit full off test, pulsator function, regulator efficiency.

Parlor efficiency monitoring

Documentation of prep/ lag time, udder stimulation time, teat end scoring, teat end cleanliness, strip yields.

Nutritional Services:

Ration programming

Feed for health first and production will follow.  We balance rations for herds using software that will provide a report documenting key areas such as forage NDF, bypass protein, trace minerals.  Use the feed mill of your choice or bid out the mix.

Ration analysis, transition cow programming

Nutrition is the key component of health and metabolic disease.  We can help prevent LDA, milk fevers, and fatty liver cows.

Diagnostic Services:

Milk Cultures

In house culture lab, 24 hour identification, 48 hour drug sensitivity, bulk tank quantitative/ qualitative cultures, and mycoplasma.

Salmonella Cultures

48 hour turn time

Total Protein testing

For evaluating colostrum antibody absentism


For evaluating subacute rumen acidosis

Johnes testing

ELISA and fecal culture programs

Disease screening

Disease screeening is available for BVD, Lepto Hardjo, Johnes disease, mycoplasma, contagious mastitis

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