A Familiar Face

As many of you know, Dr. Garrison had hip replacement surgery at the beginning of the month. To help with herd checks and other calls that may come in during the day, Dr. Shaun Wellert  is helping us during the summer months. So if you see Dr. Wellert  on your farm  be sure to chat with him, we know that he would love to hear how well you are doing. We are very thankful and appreciative to have Shaun here to help us out this summer!

 On a side note, on the front counter at the office is a "get-well" card for Dr. Garrison. If anyone is in Wooster and would like to stop by the office and  sign his card, please feel free to do so.  We have checked in to see how Dr. Garrison is feeling following his surgery and he has reported that he is doing well!  If all continues to go according to plan, he is hoping to return to work in 8- 10 weeks.  We all are wishing Brad a speedy recovery!