Rectal Palpation, Ultrasound, Record Analysis, Synchronization Programs, Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation

Milk Quality

Mastitis Culturing, Parlor Procedures, Milking Equipment Evaluations, BTSCC Control Programs


A portable foot trailer for safe efficient treatment of lame cows. This trailer and supporting tools are available to rent.


Milk Cultures, Mycoplasma Culturing, Salmonella Culturing, Parasite Evaluation, and Total Protein Evaluation. Blood counts and blood chemistry are available overnight from a veterinary reference laboratory.

Tube Ventilation

Positive pressure tube ventilation is designed to achieve four air exchanges per hour without creating a draft over calves. Improving air quality helps to control respiratory disease, improving calf health and growth rates. 


Surgeries are performed on the farm. Procedures commonly performed include: Displaced Abomasum Surgery (LDA/RDA), Hernia Surgery, and Cesarean (C-section.)